Truman Scholarship

The Truman is a nationally competitive scholarship for aspiring public servants. As part of the application, a policy proposal is required to evaluate the applicant’s commitment to their desired field. In my case, I’ve been always passionate about education, yet I did not know where to start. Intimidated, I decided to reach out to education policy expert Dr. Thompson, which ended up becoming a great experience.

From this conversation, I realized that I am passionate about providing students the opportunities they needed to succeed, especially for those from historically underserved communities. I then decided on making financial literacy a high school requirement, yet the pandemic made me shift towards creating a pilot program. After many rounds of feedback, I finally decided to submit my application, and I received the honor of becoming Oregon State University’s Truman nominee!


Although I ended up not becoming a finalist in the end, I felt that the opportunity to push myself is one I will always be so grateful for. Plus, how can I be sad when I got a financial literacy bill in the Oregon House the following year?

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