What I’m Focused On Now

Credit: Derek Sivers

Theresa on a bridge


I am living in Portland, Oregon, enjoying the sun! Yet, because of the pandemic, I am finding lots of time to focus on myself, so I am trying to read more books, listen to more podcasts, and watch more movies. Currently, I am reading What You Should Know About Politics … But Don’t, and I am listening to Up First, OPB Politics, Freakonomics, and 538 Politics. In addition to this, I am learning hip hop dance after a long hiatus, and I am learning how to cook without causing chaos!


For this year, I am honored to be an intern for State Representative Ricki Ruiz, where I get to track legislation, research bills, and develop my own town hall. On the side, I am currently developing a policy memo for a public official as an Oregon State University Legislative Scholar, and I am also a minutes contractor for the City of Corvallis!